Why Retrofit
Your Existing Sign

With 1 Source Signs?


LEDs have a lifetime energy saving of up to 40% over neon.
LED Channel Letters will save you money over Neon, due to lower electricity consumption,
overall ease of installation and a greater longevity of product.


Neon signs contain mercury which is hazardous to the environment.
White, blue, and green, neon signs use an argon/mercury gas mixture and red neon signs use neon gas.

LED Channel Letter installation is less invasive than neon since LEDs use smaller pass-through holes into a building's structure and LED is much easier to install.


LED's are readily available to purchase and install in minutes, making installation and replacement quick and easy.
Each neon unit must be hand crafted for each letter by an experienced neon bender.
Costly repairs can keep your sign out of service for weeks. Small LED units fit in confined places easier than neon so sign designs are more flexible.
LED modules stay brighter in cold weather, where mercury neon sign brightness drops dramatically when temperatures reach below 35 degrees.
New state laws are aimed at reducing energy waste.


LEDs have a secondary power of 12 volts compared to neon, which has as much as
15,000 volts. 12 volt power is much less prone to fire hazards. LED signs are extremely durable and are able to withstand shock and vibration.
Neon easily breaks during transportation and installation causing time delays and expensive future repairs.